Week 11 — Play Testing

We’re approaching the end of the trimester, so this means we are also approaching the end of our project! This week, we did not need to do much things as much as the previous, since most of the work is on Unity or simply for advertising or touch-ups.

Our project is now slowly coming together, so we decided to have a test play through. For our menu screen, only some of the buttons are functional while the rest are place holders we can add near the end. The game itself looked great according to our instructors and some beta testers— the ambience was very creepy and messy which was our goal. We still need to add the normal and shadow maps, which is now being done.


(7links Studio, 2017)

As for the artificial intelligence (AI) mechanic of the antagonist, the doctor, it is still being worked on, so the only thing that he does in the current build of the game is walk or roam around the maps, and run towards the player when they are detected— without the game ending. The mechanic is being finished and tested on a separate laptop, so hopefully it will be up and running soon. The collection mechanic has already been implemented into the game’s current build, which means players can now go near the patient files and press a certain key so that the counter on the top left will change.

There are still many things to be worked on, but hopefully we will get it all finished before the showcase, and better if we have time to spare for testing and bug fixing!


7links Studio,. Play Testing. 2017. Print.


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